Piérre Williams

About Piérre

The Artist

Singer, songwriter, model. Check out his latest album "Out of Nowhere".

The Author

Piérre is not only a psalmist, but he is also a poet and a published author. Check out "When God Broke My Heart".

The Activist

Close to Piérre's heart is a passion to live as Jesus lived and to fight for social justice, equality, and a more loving world.

New Life

Written and performed by Piérre Williams. Buy the full album here.

Jesus Is The Way

Written and performed by Piérre Williams. Buy the full album here. 

Out of Nowhere

Written and performed by Piérre Williams. Buy the full album here.

Live On Campaign

The Issue!

Today's teenagers are plagued with social pressures to be nothing less than perfect. They are lacking true love and acceptance from others, and, most importantly, from themselves. This is one of many reasons our teenagers are committing suicide.  

Live On

Piérre as a teenager attempted suicide when he found himself at his lowest state emotionally. Through God's help he was able to weather the storm. Piérre released his pain through a pen and put it to music. The song "Live On" was born. Hear it here.

The Live On Campaign

The Live On Campaign seeks to bring awareness to the teen suicide issue and to offer places of hope and healing for those struggling. It's a commitment to the value and significance of every life. It's a resource providing an outlet through the arts and creative expression.

For more information or to join the campaign, email us at info@pierrewilliams.com.

Other Resources

National Suicide Lifeline 24/7

1-800-273-8255 or CHAT


Teen Addiction

The Recovery Village

Addiction/Depression 24/7



Addiction Center

Faith-based Addiction Center

Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab

Nicotine Resource

Personal Message from Piérre

If you would like a personal message from Piérre, please email him at info@pierrewilliams.com and put "For Pierre" in the subject line. He will reply as soon as possible. 

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