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The Artist

Saint Pierre is a singer, songwriter, and producer with a heart for making music that heals. He uses the gift of song to encourage, inspired, and uplift. Whether leading worship or singing a smooth love ballad, Saint Pierre has the talent for both. And his heart's pen is a ready writer. 

The Author

Words have power. They have the ability to teach, to encourage, to heal. Saint Pierre has a divine ability to know enlighten others with truth and inspiration. He has published his first book "When God Broke My Heart" and is currently working on several others.

The Activist

Social justice is a passion for Saint Pierre. His purpose is to heal the broken-hearted and to champion social justice. Equality, opportunity, and self-confidence are pursuits that Saint Pierre ignites in others. He also, has the "Live On Campaign" which provides help and support to teenagers and adults struggling with suicide.

New Life

Written by Pierre Williams

Out of Nowhere Album

Live On

Written by Pierre Williams

Out of Nowhere Album

Jesus Is The Way

Written by Pierre Williams

Out of Nowhere Album

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